Whispering Ridge Estate Subdivision - Architectural Guidelines

Located in northwest Whitby, Whispering Ridge Estate is a 28 lot estate residential subdivision that has
been thoughtfully designed to preserve and integrate existing fairways of the Lakeridge Links and
Whispering Ridge Golf Clubs and respects the existing natural features and hydro corridor running
through the site. The Whispering Ridge Estate Subdivision Architectural Design Guidelines provide
detailed set of architectural design criteria to guide the design, siting, review and approval of new
dwellings to ensure creative, context-driven, high quality design solutions for new built form. The
Guidelines reinforce the policies and goals of the Town of Whitby to ensure that the Whispering Ridge
Estate Subdivision develops as a vibrant, high quality, unique and visually attractive estate community.

To view / download the complete Architectural Control Guidelines for this project in PDF 
format Click Here.