Brooklin Community

The Brooklin Community provides for a broad range of housing, commercial, institutional,
employment, recreational and transportation options to support a variety of lifestyles, income
levels and aging-in-place initiatives while protecting and enhancing the area’s natural features
and supporting active transportation initiatives. The Brooklin Community Architectural Control
Guidelines supports the design and built form policies of OPA 108 (Brooklin Community
Secondary Plan), and builds upon the development vision, design principles and concepts
outlined in the Brooklin Urban Design and Sustainability Development Guidelines, related
specifically to new built form within the Study Area. The Brooklin Community Architectural
Control Guidelines provide detailed set of architectural design criteria to guide the design,
siting, review and approval of new buildings to ensure creative, context-driven, high quality
design solutions for new built form within Brooklin’s new residential neighbourhoods and
employment areas. The Guidelines reinforce the policies and goals of the Town of Whitby to
ensure that the Brooklin Community develops as a healthy, vibrant, high quality, cohesive and
complete urban community.

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